Download Videos From YouTube

You Can Learn this Simple Trick to Download and Save any Video from YouTube!

And you can watch it any time you Like!

Why you should download and save videos from YouTube?

So — You found a video from YouTube and you want to save/download it to your computer/iphone and later share it with a friend or keep it as part of your collection. However, by default Youtube doesn't allow users to download and save the videos. Youtube may remove any video at any time, so you need to download and save it just to be safe.

Learn this simple secret Trick to Download and watch any Video from YouTube any time you like...

The Steps to save & download the video from YouTube

1) Click your favorite video clip, you can see the URL in your browser becomes something like this :

Highlight the URL (like above) and right click the mouse and select "copy"

2) Go to this Website below: Keepvid

and paste your link in the URL box and click on the download button.

3) Select which format you want and save to your computer

4) You're DONE!

To watch the videos, you'll have to download a FLV video player. Here is a free one

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